Garden Villa

Garden Villa

Roof edge profiles for flat roofs available in different looks (Modern, Flat, Classic) and finishes. Skylight for flat roofs with fixed 30 ° tilt. Super simple fabrication through special angle girders.


  • Roof edge profiles
  • Different styles: Modern/Flat/Classic
  • For all roof thicknesses:  flexible construction system in different parts of 5, 10 or 15 cm
  • Position of window depth can be determined on one’s own
  • Ceiling with wood or aluminium
  • The most flexible system on the market
  • Roof light 30°
  • Minimum in terms of profiles and accessories
  • Simple assembling and mounting
  • Saddle roof/shield roof/pyramid roof
  • Optional reinforcement profiles provided
  • Glazing: single or double glazing/polycarbonate

Realization Aliplast

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