A three-chamber folding door system with thermal insulation that enables arrangement of wide open passageways.  The visual thickness of profiles in use has been reduced to give the design a light look. A new design of integrated hardware: one hinge with the bottom truck, one hinge with the grip and handles at a low height  (reduce the overall dimensions of the assembled structure).  The new hardware improve the functionality of design.
Width Installation depth Sill height Available filling thickness range
frame: 35.8 mm to 57 mm; leaf: 73 mm frame: 75 mm, leaf: 75 mm 17 mm 4 to 51 mm
Max leaf weight
100 kg, both opened to the outside and to the inside 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8-sectional designs, both for opened to the outside and to the inside Modern design

Realization Aliplast

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