SP & SP-E flush
mounted roller shutters

Outdoor blinds (roller shutters) is a practical system that protects us in three ways: thermally insulates and protects the privacy and peace of mind, and also provides an effective barrier burglary. Forehead box is also a primer for any finishing material (eg. Plaster, clinker, etc.), so it remains an imperceptible element of the façade. Elements of systems SP and SP-E does not interfere in the construction of windows, doors and lintels, without infringing the energy balance of the building.


Passive House Institute, Darmstadt, issued a certificate for the roller-box SP 165 (SP & SP-E top-mounted systems), thus approving the system and its installation as a solution for passive houses. Suitable installation method enables the use of any window recommended by the PHI, i.e. windows whose heat transfer coefficient Uw does not not exceed 0.80 W/(m² K), and the glass coefficient Ug does not exceed 0.70 W/(m² K). It is the first all-in-one solution for top-mounted roller shutter in the PHI passive components base, as well as the first certificate for a Polish company in this group of products.



Colors do not faithfully reproduce the actual colors. Availability of colors depends on the type of profile.
* Special color – on request. On request can be painted in any RAL color.


Manual control (hand-driven) is currently the most popular option, and the most economical one, but requires more effort in handling roller shutters, especially when we have a large number of these or they are big-sized. Our offering comprises the following manual drives:

  • coilers (line/strip)
  • boxes with gear line/strip
  • hand-cranks,
  • springs
Hand retractors are most commonly used to handle typical roller shutters, of a relatively small size. Using electric drives is the solution that is somewhat more expensive, but much more comfortable. It is a fully automated control that raises and lowers the curtain using an electric actuator. Electric actuators provide maximum convenience in operating your roller shutters. As regards control possibility, we can choose from:
  • central control – all your rollers shutters operated from one place
  • individual control – one place / roller shutter.
The state-of-the-art technology allows you to use the control timer that will automatically raise and lower the roller shutter’s curtain at a preset time. In addition, giving you a choice between radio- or wired control, we offer you fully flexible solutions:
  • radio control (wireless) – requires no additional wiring, so your walls will stay intact;  this solution can be used anywhere in your home. Commands relating to lowering, raising or stopping the roller shutters are transmitted to the actuator via the remote control or wall transmitter. This type of control allows us to virtually unlimited configurations.
  • wired control – the ability to operate roller shutters using a key-operated switch and rocker switch (switches can be supported or not). By using the controls systems, it is possible to configure multiple individual solutions.
Electric actuators provide maximum convenience in operating your roller shutters.

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