Sliding system

Perfectly shaped living spaces in an original and modern. Cause that dream home is filled with light, close to nature, yet comfortable, warm and safe. The diversity of structures is one of the undeniable advantages of this solution.

Sliding system with increased thermal insulation designed for the design of sliding or lift-sliding structures.

  • Frame width: 64 mm, wings: 100 mm.
  • Depth of frame: 153 mm, leaf depth: 67 mm.
  • Possible filling thicknesses 6 – 53 mm.
  • The maximum dimensions of the structure that can be made in this system are:
  • leaf height Hs = 3300 mm and leaf width Bs = 3200 mm
  • Two-way system.
  • three chamber window system for designing windows featuring increased thermal performance. The thermal parameters of Genesis 75 comply with the requirements that will become effective in 2021 (Uw exceeding 0.90)
  • the Genesis 75 system is based on 75 mm deep sections use to build frames.
  • Genesis 75 is a system intended for designing window structures in public access buildings as well as single-family and multi-unit residential buildings a wide range of sections/profiles available in the offer of the Genesis 75 system is used to design modern windows, doors and display units that ensure high functionality

Monorail – Ultraglide system option. System with increased thermal insulation.

The depth of the door frame: 176 mm
Depth of the wing: 67 mm
Glazing thickness: leaf 14 mm – 52 mm

Sliding and lifting-sliding system.
A characteristic feature of the system is presence in the structure at least one fixed element (glazing). The special frame construction allows to increase the transition light for the fixed element.

Visoglide HS is a variant of the Visoglide-series where you can find the usual sliding doors. System for lift and sliding patio doors with thermal break.


  • to separate terrace and living quarters in houses and flats
  • separations for conservatories looking out into the garden and to create space in a passage way.

Sliding door system thermally insulated.
All profiles of this system are three-chamber.

The width of the door frame is 99 mm or 155 mm
The width of the wing: 43 mm

Placing trucks under moving parts eliminates the danger of door hanging.
Possibility of using fillings from 4 to 29 mm
Possible combinations of two, three, four and six elements based on a two or three-frame frame.

System with increased thermal insulation designed for the design of sliding structures.

Modernslide system solutions allow you to design a sliding structure on the 2,3,4-track frame, which gives a very high flexibility in the design of the building’s façade.

The Galandage solution allows almost total concealment of the sliding sashes into the building wall – this allows you to maximize the transition light when the construction wings are opened.

Sliding door system without thermal insulation.

System characteristics:

  • Depth of building:
    • for 51 or 79 mm frames
    • for 18/21 mm sashes
  • two or three-track system, allowing the design of 2, 3, 4, 6 wing constructions
  • possible fillings with thicknesses 1-12 mm
  • the system is designed for designing for unheated external buildings (balconies, terraces, loggias) or sliding internal buildings

Additional colors (wood):

Examples of fittings: Sobinco

ALIPLAST is a manufacturer and supplier of aluminum systems. The company has a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of the PN  EN ISO 9001: 2009, which was confirmed receiving the Certificate for the management system according toPN  EN ISO 9001: 2009. Moreover, the company has implemented and maintains a system of Factory Production Control (FPC) according to the requirements of the Standard EN 1090-1 (3).

External sliding doors

This kind of sliding doors connects our modern house with nature that stands just next to our house. After so many years of experience we are confident about our product. We know that every detail and small piece stands there by reason. But let’s return to external sliding doors – advanced technology that we use increase thermal isulation in home at what goes with that – decrease billings and is more eco-friendly

Aluminium sliding patio doors

Patio is part of garden that we might found in every garden. It’s calm place where we can hide from sun at hot summer day. But there has to be some type of entrance that allows entering to home very fast. And here comes aluminium sliding patio doors that is perfect solution. At summer time you can ventilate home by opening them but in same time their construction holds hot air inside at cold winter nights.

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