Ultraglide Monorail

Ultraglide Monorail

Monorail – Ultraglide system option. System with increased thermal insulation.

The depth of the door frame: 176 mm
Depth of the wing: 67 mm
Glazing thickness: leaf 14 mm – 52 mm

Sliding and lifting-sliding system. A characteristic feature of the system is presence in the structure at least one fixed element (glazing). The special frame construction allows to increase the transition light for the fixed element.

System abilities:
maximum sash weight: 400 kg, single-track frame

Possible construction combinations:
• 2 – element (wing + fix)
• 3 – elernent (wing + fix + wing)
• 4 – element (2 wings + 2 fixes)
the possibility of glazing from the outside, thanks to which it is possible to use large-size fillings of large mass.

It is possible to mount the Flyscreen system (Flyscreen – insect screens system).

A wide range of colors – RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), structural colors, Aliplast Wood Color Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anode, bicolor.

Realization Aliplast

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