Ultraglide low threshold option

characterised not only by its functionality, but also economical and aesthetic architectural solutions.

  •  a modern structure and lift-sliding hardware in low-threshold UG system provides convenient use, enhanced usefulness and an elegant design; the low-threshold model is a solution to improve building accessibility for disabled people; the low-threshold option prevents edge offset at the door-floor contact and enables threshold-floor flushing
  • characteristic of construction:
    possible structure variants:
    2-, 4-component based on a two-rail frame
    possible structure variants:
    2-component (sash + fix)
    4-elements (2 frames + 2 fix)
  • optional to use glazing from the outside, which makes it possible to use large-size, heavy infills
  • there is possibility of use Flyscreen system (Flyscreen – fly screens are a practical and an extremely functional protection against insects)


Sliding system


low threshold option

Ultraglide Monorail

Sliding system


Sliding system

Visoglide plus

Sliding system


Sliding system

Slide plus

Sliding system


folding system

Sliding door systems

In modern construction, glazing plays a key role in ensuring the maximum use of natural light. We are more and more willing to choose a spacious exit to the terrace, abandoning classic solutions for more innovative and stylish ones. One of the modern solutions that are gaining more and more supporters are sliding patio doors that provide specific amenities. Moreover, sliding door systems allow you to move freely between the house and the garden. However, many amenities are not everything. Sliding patio doors are distinguished primarily by functionality, safety and resistance to changing weather conditions.


Sliding patio doors allow you to create large glazing, which is extremely characteristic in modern construction. There are several variants of patio doors on the market to choose from. Currently, it is the most popular solution that allows you to insert glazing to the height of the entire storey. In a double-sash window, one element is moving and the other is fixed. However, it is possible to create much longer glazing. Then it is worth equipping at least one sash with a double-sided handle with a lock. Another solution is the lift and slide doors, which allow you to build completely glazed walls. While providing optimal thermal and acoustic insulation. Sliding balcony doors can also be installed in the corner of a room with glazed sides.

Why is it worth choosing sliding balcony doors?

The tendency to combine the surroundings of the house with its interior has been present in design for several years and is a real challenge for manufacturers of building materials. Glazed houses, with a wide terrace or panoramic windows, must be equipped with window and door joinery, which is distinguished by excellent parameters. Sliding door systems should provide high thermal and acoustic insulation. And the door leaves should move freely along the guides. An important element that significantly affects comfort is the low threshold. In some sliding systems, it is possible to align the threshold with the floor surface in the room. This structure has a positive effect on the energy efficiency of the building. Pro-fil sliding balcony doors are available in many variants to choose from. We are happy to help you adjust the sliding system to your needs and expectations.

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