Hi-Finity panoramic sliding doors
New unique design solutions
Masterline 8 pivot doors
New unique design solutions

Minimalist design.
Maximum use of natural light.

Enjoy the unlimited view combined with excellent technical parameters. Extremely slim profiles and hidden frames allow you to create huge glass surfaces based on a light, elegant structure.

Modern, discreet design.

The blocking and control solutions used in the Hi-Finity
system also prove the advanced technology.


Maximum dimensions of the leaf (height x width)

Thermal insulation


Wind load resistance

Acoustic insulation

Air permeability

Energy level

4000 x 3500 mm

1.4 W/m²K

E750 (750 Pa)

(2000 Pa)

Rw(C;Ctr) = 43 (-1;-3) dB

(600 Pa)

Passive construction

Variants available:

Hi-Finity double glazed

Windows and doors

Hi-Finity triple glazed

Windows and doors

Hi-Finity Floor Finish

Unlimited view

Hi-Finity Open Corner

Windows and doors

more than a lift and slide door

Design with clean lines and maximum comfort.

Countless combinations in combination with MasterLine 8, excellent thermal insulation, greater comfort and refined design in every detail – MasterPatio is a new generation sliding door system.

Modern and discreet design.

In the city center and at the seaside
MasterPatio will work in any location.
The best technical parameters
combined with the freedom to choose the type of opening.


Maximum dimensions of the leaf (height x width)


Wind load resistance

Air permeability

3600 x 3000 mm

E1200 (1200 Pa)

C5 (2000 Pa)

4 (6000 Pa)


MasterLine 8
The combination of the best parameters with a wide range of window opening types.

Unlimited design freedom.
Maximum comfort.

MasterLine 8 is a unique window system that combines countless design possibilities with best-in-class technical parameters and fast, simplified production. This new generation of window systems reflects the current architectural trends, allowing maximum daylight while maintaining excellent thermal insulation parameters.

Modern and discreet design.

Reynaers windows are available in various levels of thermal insulation, from non-insulated profiles to products with a high thermal insulation coefficient, to those suitable for use in passive construction.

Masterline 8

Maximum dimensions of the leaf (height x width)


Wind load resistance

Air permeability

2800 x 1200 mm

E900 (900 Pa)

C5 (2000 Pa)

4 (6000 Pa)

MasterLine 8 pivot door
MasterLine 8 pivot door

Unique entrance door

The MasterLine 8 pivot door system is a unique approach to the front door. It allows you to create very large structures, glazed or with panel filling. Several versions are available within the system, including the MasterLine 8 Pivot XL glazed door. The system also allows you to create sets of revolving doors, which can be an interesting alternative to sliding or folding patio doors.

Pivotdoors are available in both panel and glazed versions, which allows you to choose a solution tailored to each project.

Regardless of the selected filling option, MasterLine 8 pivot doors guarantee very good tightness and thermal insulation. They effectively protect against cold, rain, moisture and wind. This has been achieved, inter alia, through the use of a gasket on the circumference of the structure (a self-closing strip at the bottom of the structure) and a combination with a 10-mm threshold, as well as profiled ends in the corners and an additional element protecting against water ingress.

Masterline 8 pivot door is also available in a version with increased burglary resistance.

MasterLine 8 pivot doors are available in the Residential variant – the maximum dimensions are 1.7 x 3 m – and in the XL variant, for which the maximum leaf dimensions are as much as 2.5 x 4 m. Both variants can be combined in the Landscape configuration – several combined with with each other sash creates an effective glass partition, allowing the room to open to the surrounding space.

MasterLine 8 pivot door parameters

  • High thermal insulation: Uf ≥1.5W / m²K for the HI + variant
  • Very good AWW parameters (air tightness, wind and water tightness) – 4 / C3 / 4A (150Pa)
  • Anti-burglary class RC2 / WK2

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